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Meet the Artists

Meet the chaotic crew that is behind Strictly Co-Workers!

  • cloverlies

    She is the epitome of a night-owl. Like most artists, she gets her best work done round 3am. Likes to vibe with Anderson, the anxious alpaca. Loves her boba and blind boxes, frequents clawgame machine places. According to a certain escape room, she's part of the elite escapers squad.

    Life goal: To make money even when sleeping!

  • heyuyin17

    Hisses at the first rays of morning sunlight. Can be found in front of the fridge at 12am. Gets along well with Whiskey, the trash panda. When she's not busy, she still isn't drawing! The only thing that motivates her these days are deadlines and cursed faces.

    Life goal: To spend $ without worrying!

  • blkbunnix

    She is the first person to throw hands, but also the first person to cry if hit. Constantly watching shows, movies and Kdramas, if she isn't already doing something extremly questionable in her room. Hangs with Bubbles, the bunny with anger issues.
    Life goal: to purchase any kpop concert ticket with zero stress/anxiety